From Marriage to Weddings

Because we live in a post-covenantal culture, contemporary society has had to re-frame the concept of marriage. Therefore our cultures emphasis has shifted from crafting a marriage to the creation of a an outstanding wedding ceremony. In the past the wedding ceremony was a simple affair in which the main focus was a public oath of covenantal fidelity.

However as we as a culture have moved away from the covenantal to the contractual, the wedding ceremony has changed it’s function, and has come to reflect other cultural values. Thus the wedding has become a kind of amalgam of some of the dominant themes of our culture. The sky rocketing cost of weddings reflects our cultural value of conspicuous consumption. The wedding also betrays our obsession with celebrity culture, with weddings offering the chance for the bride and groom to be ‘celebrities for a day’. The wedding also points to our obsession with image, with almost more effort being put into capturing the ‘right’ image for posterity rather than enjoying the wedding in real time.

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