Bizzaro World – Advertising is good, Spirituality is bad

Do you remember the episode of Seinfeld where Elaine goes to the bizzaro world diner and becomes friends with the bizarro world Jerry, Kramer and George. Well Ladies and Gentlemen I just found the bizarro world version of my book, this blog, and a lot of what I teach.

To summarize. This guy (an advertising exec) is encouraging young advertising execs to not feel guilty about selling people stuff because they are engaged in a noble cause. The more people buy the less spiritual they will become and thus the world will become a better place. No I am not making this up. Sounds like this guy has been reading Richard Dawkins on the subway. Hows this for a quote?

Our civilization — while a long way from perfect — is safer, fairer, healthier and more prosperous than any other in history in good part because we have subordinated the search for spiritual purity in favor of material well-being…Material well-being seems to be the only antidote to the vicious, violent, cold-blooded history of the “great human spirit”, so often praised by misguided poets and pandering politicians…Ad men and women: stop apologizing for promoting materialism. People planning a trip to the mall are far less likely to do mischief than people planning a trip to heaven.”

Enter bizarro world here (cheers to Kevin Thow for the link 😉 )


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