The Unadulterated Pleasure of Limits

When it comes to pleasure God seems to be a bit of a fanatic. Upon first glance we often fail to notice just how subtly he has infused our human existence with all kinds of aesthetic, sensual and erotic goodies to discover and enjoy. Seriously what kind of deity are we dealing with here? Surely there were more important and sensible tasks for him to put his mind to when he created the world.

I mean imagine if the earth had been created with a pre-prepared and efficient sewage system? Now that would make sense! Instead God seems to be happy to create constellations as artworks that we can only now just appreciate thanks to the hubble telescope, not very efficient if you ask me. Humans could have been pre-programmed from day one with an ability to understand incredibly complicated mathematical equations; every human could have been a Steven Hawking. Imagine the advances in technology, imagine the infrastructure our cities could have had, the volumes of scientific journals that the average citizen could consume on a daily basis. Instead what does God do? He takes that vital brain power, and devotes millions of neural synapses and enough brain electricity to power a medium size Asian city to human sexuality.

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