Is the Sex and the City movie the last hurrah of the economic golden times?

Was chatting to my friend Ben this week, and we were discussing the almost unprecedented media blitz over Sex and the City. Ben after seeing the film asked if the film was the lash hurrah of the economic boom times that we have been experiencing for the last ten years. I think he may be right.

Sex and the City has proved to be one of the most insidious marketing machines of modern times. It pioneered and mastered a new kind of advertising where companies paid for their products to appear in the show. Whole storyline were sold to companies, the writers behind SATC wrote episodes around products such as a certain vodka.

The show created a kind of glitzy, bling world for women. When the girls on the show talked about men in the same manner as they spoke of products; it embodied hyperconsumerism par excellance. SATC echoed Swedish economists Kjell Nordström and Jonas Ridderstråle sentiment that all that there is left in western culture is sex and shopping.  

The many luxury brands that have supported the show are being hit hard as the current credit crisis eats away at the contents of Louis Vuitton purses both real and fake. So they are pulling out all of the stops to save the sinking ship. Her Majesty the Queen of America Oprah Winfrey has decreed that all women must go out and support this film (um like it needs it?). Queen Oprah may wish her four girl pals well as they head off on their cinematic adventures, but someone better tell them about the economic iceberg in their path. 


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