The Religions of the Secular West that Dare not Speak their Name

One of the things about our superflat, secular culture is that spirituality is not talked about seriously; we repress our desire for the transcendent. Therefore as with most things that we push down they tend to pop up in unexpected places. We may have a functioning secular culture however old habits die hard. Christendom may have moved out of the apartment, but it left behind some of it’s furniture. Read More

Evangelism the Uncoolest Word in Contemporary Christianity

Our word is stuck on repeat. Yet another movie remake, yet another old tune covered, yet another retro style plundered. There are precious few new things being spoken. Repeating the same things is just another way of being silent. Silence breeds sterility and barrenness. Nothing new means that things stay the same, there is no good news for tommorow because tommorow will be the same as today.  Our world is sick of words twisted into spin, of the same old rhetoric dressed up in new clothes.

Our world is desperate for fresh, new speech. Read More

Reasons Why Young Adults Leave the Church: Reason 5 Commitmentphobia

Last time we spoke about the effect of the worldview of consumerism on the spiritual lives of Young Adults. One of the flow on effects of the worldview of consumerism is that it has a caustic, corrosive effect upon our ability to commit. I remember as a kid seeing a shirt that I wanted to buy, I had my money, and was ready to head to the cash register, when my mother taught me a key tactic known to every shopper, that is shopping around for a better bargain. We headed off to the others stores to see if the same shirt was on sale for a cheaper price. Read More.

Church and High Oil Prices

How we worship has always been shaped by the way we live and the way we travel. The agricultural economies of the middle ages created the parish church, in which most people travelled to worship on foot.

The industrial revolution moved people to the city and saw the rise of public transport this created urban churches, in which large congregations grew in high density cities where people could either walk or catch public transport to church. Many of these churches began to suffer as the age of cheap oil and the rise of the motor car saw people leave cities for the suburbs. These factors created larger suburban churches and also influenced the church growth movement. Read More

Secrets of Communicating, Speaking and Teaching in a post-Christian culture

A lot of people ask me for tips on communicating and speaking creatively. I thought I will share the love and make this PDF of my top secrets for communicating, teaching and speaking in a post-Christian culture. I have found that these simple tools work quite powerfully. Feel free to share it around. Just make sure you give me some props & don’t say I don’t ever do anything for you. Clink on the link below.


Why Young Adults Leave Church: Reason 4 Consumerist Spirituality

Today young adults worldview is deeply shaped by consumerism; it shapes how we purchase, how we relate, and how we shape our identities. In my research into why young adults leave church, I found consumerism to be one of the most dominant themes to emerge again and again. Many people had written excellent books on how Christians should be responding to the economic and justice issues raised by consumerism. But very few Christians seemed to be examining how consumerism was affecting out spirituality. Read More.

Reasons Why Young Adults Leave the Church: Reason 3 The Pornification of Christian Resources

Recently an Otaku (Manga Fan) wrote a book which has sold like sushi in Japan. His book was addressed to the millions of young Japanese men who live their lives online and who immerse themselves in the fantasy worlds of Japanese animation. His thesis was that advances in technology now mean that young men do not need RL (real life) relationships with real world women. He argued that with the advent of ‘mistress programs’ ( virtual girlfriend computer programs, kind of like Tamagotchi’s but featuring attractive young women ), no longer did men need to bother with ordinary women. He also argued that with the growth of the internet and with widespread availability of pornography, young men could enjoy a kind of virtual sexual relationship with the women of their dreams. We see the same thing in the in the West, less people are getting married than ever before in history. With the casualization of sex, young men do not need to commit to long term relationships with women, because these days you can sleep with that girl who you just met at a party and still be home in time to join the FIFA 2008 tournament with the boys on the playstation.

A kind of similar phenomenon is occurring around church. Read More

Reasons Why Young Adults Leave Church: Reason 2 Post-Christian Identity

If you are a young adult believer living out your faith at the beginning of the 21st century, you find yourself in a unique social position. You are living within a culture which has known, and now discarded Christianity as at best an irrelevance or at worst a mistake. This is a relativley new situation when we compared with the people of God in other times and places in history. Read more

Your Faithclock is Ticking: Why Young Adults leave Church pt 1

I recently spoke to a group of Bible College students. As an icebreaker I asked them to go around the room and tell me what their name was and what church they attend. One third replied ‘My Name is __________ and I go to _____________ church’. Another third replied that they are not going to church, and the final third replied in this telling way. ‘My name is ____________ and I am hanging in/struggling to go to/trying not to leave_____________ church’.  The facts are this, all across the Western church young adults are leaving the church around the age of 25, there are few signs that they will return. I have encountered this phenomenon in every church denomination, tradition and style, it is the same in successful churches and those that are struggling. To find out why lets turn to a seventies Sci-Fi movie. Read More


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