The Vanishing Middle Revisited

One of the problems of a blog is that you can put up really important stuff, which after a week disappears and is often missed by new readers. About a year or so ago, I put up the following presentation. The more I think about it the more I realise how crucial the concepts held within are. I have had  number of discussions in recent times with people about this so I thought it would be good to put it up again for those who did not see it the first time. Check it out.


Here is a little talk (11min) complete with power point, on the whole idea of the Vanishing Middle. As you will learn from the presentation, the vanishing middle refers to the fact that it is not just the church which struggles in the West, but any organization or group which occupies the ‘middle’ that is the communal or covenantal space in which volunteerism, duty and service are essential. Hope it stimulates some thought on mission and ministry in a Western context for you. Just press the green play button.


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