What the Church can learn from the Music Biz

The music industry and the church in the West have one thing in common. They are both in a crisis of decline. Music is still as popular as ever, but few want to, or need to pay for it anymore. The landscape has shifted and the music industry is struggling to adapt to the new culture. Thus amongst record executives there is a lot of soul searching going on. When I read this quote in the New York Times from one of the giants of the music industry, David Geffen, I could not help but think that this quote could also describe the errors of the church as well as the music industry.

“The music business, as a whole, has lost its faith in content…Only 10 years ago, companies wanted to make records, presumably good records, and see if they sold. But panic has set in, and now it’s no longer about making music, it’s all about how to sell music.”

At some point we as the church became more interested in the science of marketing the gospel than in the quality of the gospel that we were living out. One thing that we can learn from the woes of the record industry is that this is a surefire recipe for disaster. Thus one of the answers for both the church and the record industry is to worry less about selling and more about crafting life changing, and transcendent content.


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