What does a Redeemed Masculinity look like?

Well I did not anticipate that my last post Masculinity and the Emerging Church would generate so many hits and so much feedback, but I guess that the issue of masculinity in the church is a hot topic. A number of you seem to be thinking “here we go Sayers is chucking up more observations and criticisms, but where are the answers? Where are the actual examples of men who are tough and strong and yet who are confident enough to share their sensitive sides?” Some of you who wrote to me asked “what would a redeemed masculinity looked like expressed in worship?” Well enough with the observations and commentary, this time I am serving up answers. It’s a simple recipe really but one that could revolutionize the church.

Take one velvet jacket, a cigarette and a tough guy sharing up his soul over a haunting melody. This is the answer folks, its manly, yet gentle. Macho, yet soulful. It’s a steaming hot dish of spoken word and if I get my way its coming to a church near you.  

This is a real as it gets people. Guys take out your notepads for a lesson in what it is to be a real man, ladies you might want to get your accountability groups numbers up on speed dial. Masters Shatner and Savalas start the lesson please.

(Post note: I am planning to promote my new book next year with a Spoken Word tour of various Churches around Australia. I am off now to rent the velvet tux, hire the moog keyboard and take up smoking. )


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