From Christianity to Atheism and Back Again

I read a lot of history and thus have gained a good eye for a great historical writer. One such writer is A.N Wilson, I have greatly enjoyed his history but hated his forays into Christianity in particular his scathing biographies of Jesus and Paul, which both illustrated A.N Wilson’s atheistic bias. Wilson has been one of Atheism’s most ablest apologists, and has had a huge influence in terms of advocating against Christianity.

So you can imagine my shock when I read that Wilson had not only renounced his atheism but had returned to the Christian faith of his youth. I have linked below two articles about Wilson’s return to faith, the second one is shorter, but the first one is well worth the time as Wilson’s explains in his own language why he chose faith again, and how his doubting nature lead him to question atheism and to return to faith.

New Statesman Article: Why I believe again

Chuck Colson on Wilson’s return to faith


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