My American Self Promotion Condundrum

Well I have almost come to the end of my trip here in the United States, I have had a fantastic time, God has done some great things, and I have met some wonderful people. However this trip has raised a slight conundrum or moral question for me.

Obvious to both you is that fact that I blog. I try to use the gifts that I have been given to help others learn about the things that I am being taught, so for me this blog is about me teaching and informing you the reader about issue of culture and faith.

But on this trip I have not had a whole lot of time to do writing. What I have been doing is meeting lots of great people, many of them authors, many of them well known authors. So as someone who had a blog the obvious thing seemed to blog about these meetings, maybe put up a picture of me with some of the great new people who I have met who just happened to be well known. To put in my status update “Mark is hanging in some cool locale in California with well known author __________________” To name drop in order to elevate my social staus.  Why would I do this? Because it is what everyone does today in our self promoting society, it has become the norm.

So I was just about to belt out a blog post last night which would include an impressive list of the well known leaders and authors that I have been hanging out with and a little voice in my head said to me “why?”. “Why do you need to tell the world who you have been hanging out with?” “What can your readers benefit from such an announcement?” All that I would be doing is upping my social status by showing off and broadcasting to the world. Who God has lead me to meet with is between God, me and those people.

I am constantly reminded how vigilant that I, someone who regularly talks and teaches about this stuff  must be.  Because all of us are constantly tempted to slip into the self promotional mode of the 21st century which seems a million miles away from Jesus’ example of humility.


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