It’s Cool to be Tween…But not a Child

Tweens. They're a hot market, they're complicated, and there are two in the White House: Sasha and Malia Obama. What do tweens consider cool? Music was at the top of the list, followed by going to the movies. "Being smart" ranked third  tied with video games  followed by electronics, sports, fashion and protecting the environment, according to a report.

As I get around speaking on youth culture, one thing I get asked a lot about is the phenomenon of tweens. USA today gives a good overview of all things tween in this article

“The prepubescent children of days gone by have given way to a cooler kid — the tween — who aspires to teenhood but is not quite there yet…Retailers know tweens are a hot market for clothes, music and entertainment. But now psychologists and behavioral researchers are beginning to study tweens, too. They say tweens are a complicated lot, still forming their personalities, and are torn between family and BFFs, between fitting in and learning how to be an individual.”
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