Do you have FOMO?

My sister in Law Theary shared with me a cool new term that her workmates have been using, FOMO. FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out.It’s a great term for one the great anxieties of our age. Part of the reason that so many people today struggle with anxiety is because they are afraid of missing out. People leave perfectly good relationships because they are afraid of missing out on someone better. People move suburbs, cities and countries because they fear that they are missing out.

Our culture offers us this false view of reality in which a smorgasbord of better options exists. All you have to do is stop what you are doing. Strangely our freedom and the amount of choice that we posses has given us FOMO or choice anxiety. The problem is though that FOMO actually degrades the good things that we already posses pushing us towards a kind of perfection that we can never reach. The only answer is to pursue an attitude of radical gratitude, to practice the spiritual discipline of contentment.


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