Answering Your Questions 1

Well here is the first episode of me answering your questions, well at least one of them. Thanks to all of those who have sent in questions.  In this vid I respond to a question from Dave who asks how do you practically minster to Young People who have been idolised by their parents.

Watch me inappropriately reference the Seinfeld Bubble Boy episode, talk about Fairtrade motorcycles, try to remember the lyrics to a Pussy Cat Dolls track and coin a whole new phrase into the English language “A Piece of Pen”; all the while giving you practical tips on Youth and Young Adults ministry.

Feel free to leave a question in the comments page below if you have any other Youth or Young Adult culture and ministry questions.

0 thoughts on “Answering Your Questions 1

  1. thanks mark. i appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into thinking through these things and now sharing them.

    good 3 points. very helpful.

    i particularly like the “long term view” at point 2. very helpful. i guess as part of that i’d go to an even larger view than their life here and now for the next 50 years. the framework of Jesus’ 1st coming (life/ministry/death/resurrection/ascension) and his 2nd coming can be a bigger step back to see history, their role in it and see the (massive) forest from the trees. in 1 thessalonians 1:10 it talks about ‘waiting for Jesus’ – that is, the 1st and 2nd coming of Jesus radically changes everything such that the big view of life now means we live in the light those momentous events.

    thanks again, dave.

    ps – i liked the “fairtrade motorcycle” one!!
    pps – i picked up your book a couple of weeks ago, currently studying for exams, but keen to read!!

  2. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for point number two as well. I guess with our Young Adults we haven’t really addressed beyond what will occur within the next week, let alone all our life!

    I’m sorry but if I could add onto my previous question in terms of where to begin with Biblical Discipleship – I saw your “Emerging Missional Church” post and was wondering if you could expound on what Young Adults leaders can do to address “Low Fuel Tank Faith” as I think this is one of the main problems with discipleship even beginning.

    Thanks once again : D

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