5 Things We Got Wrong in the Emerging Missional Church

For over a decade here in Australia I have been involved in what some have labelled the Emerging Missional Church. Over the last two years I have been asking a lot of questions and critically reflecting upon this movement. The following points are my reflections on some of the mistakes that we have made. But before I continue I would like to make something absolutely clear.

When I say that I am reflecting upon the Emerging Missional Church (EMC), I am not referring to the newer American Emerging Church movement which I think is a very different creature to what we have here in Australia. What I am reflecting upon is the Emerging Missional Church movement that sprung up here in Australia in the early to mid 90’s  in an attempt to reach secular Australia with a missiological approach. Some of what I may write will be applicable to other contexts but I wanted to make clear what I was referring to.

I am still 100% passionate about reaching Australia with the gospel, and with approaching our context with a missionary mindset, so I write this article to help others become more effective in their outreach. So in the spirit of praxis and constant improvement here is my list of the top five things we did wrong in no particular order.

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