Leadership as avenue to Stardom

Take a walk through any toy store today and you will notice the amount of toys that are focused on performance and celebrity. 

A classic example is the Hannah Montana stage set (pictured left) which comes with stage lighting and everything you need to stage your own stadium concertin your lounge room. Now kids have always enjoyed playing around singing and putting on little plays. But today the emphasis on being in the limelight and being a star is incredible.

Douglas Rushkoff in his book Playing the Future coined the term Screenagers, which referred to the first generation to grow up completely in front of screens be they TV, PC or mobile cell phones. For the screenager meaning and worth is to be found being in front of the screen, the people who matter are on stage, the successful don’t just consume media but create it.

When I spent some time researching the lives of young leaders in ministry I saw this phenomenon in action. The idea of servant leadership seemed so passe to them. The aim was to get on stage and to get known, to them that was success in ministry. Those of you training young leaders need to be aware of this dynamic, we need to again promote the idea of servant leadership, not as a vehicle for becoming known but rather as a tonic for the soul.


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