‘Emerging’ Church its about culture NOT theology.

Many people have examined the emerging church through a lens of theology. Whilst this is helpful, it is still quite a difficult feat, often such readings will focus on only a small faction of the emerging church, often its most visible American component. However this does not take into account just how varied this self describing movement is.

 I am finding it increasingly harder to find any kind of common theology as I meet all kinds of people who represent a broad theological spectrum yet who all self describe with the term ‘Emerging’. For example I have met conservatives, liberal, evangelicals, charismatic, orthodox, catholic, pentecostal, reformed, and neo-orthodox, who would call themselves ‘emerging’.

Well then we may ask is it all about church expression and shape? Well, things get sticky again; I could point you in the direction of house church groups, mega-church pastors, members of Roman Catholic parishes, traditional church attendees, people living incarnationally amongst the poor, all of whom would describe themselves to me as ‘emerging’. There are even now Jewish groups who would describe themselves as emerging. The label is becoming harder to pin down.

 I believe we must turn to the lens of culture to gain an important insight into what is going on. So I am going to do a little bit of series in which I examine the emerging church through a cultural rather than a theological lens.  Read More


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