Reasons Why Young Adults Leave the Church: Reason 3 The Pornification of Christian Resources

Recently an Otaku (Manga Fan) wrote a book which has sold like sushi in Japan. His book was addressed to the millions of young Japanese men who live their lives online and who immerse themselves in the fantasy worlds of Japanese animation. His thesis was that advances in technology now mean that young men do not need RL (real life) relationships with real world women. He argued that with the advent of ‘mistress programs’ ( virtual girlfriend computer programs, kind of like Tamagotchi’s but featuring attractive young women ), no longer did men need to bother with ordinary women. He also argued that with the growth of the internet and with widespread availability of pornography, young men could enjoy a kind of virtual sexual relationship with the women of their dreams. We see the same thing in the in the West, less people are getting married than ever before in history. With the casualization of sex, young men do not need to commit to long term relationships with women, because these days you can sleep with that girl who you just met at a party and still be home in time to join the FIFA 2008 tournament with the boys on the playstation.

A kind of similar phenomenon is occurring around church. Read More


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