Your Faithclock is Ticking: Why Young Adults leave Church pt 1

I recently spoke to a group of Bible College students. As an icebreaker I asked them to go around the room and tell me what their name was and what church they attend. One third replied ‘My Name is __________ and I go to _____________ church’. Another third replied that they are not going to church, and the final third replied in this telling way. ‘My name is ____________ and I am hanging in/struggling to go to/trying not to leave_____________ church’.  The facts are this, all across the Western church young adults are leaving the church around the age of 25, there are few signs that they will return. I have encountered this phenomenon in every church denomination, tradition and style, it is the same in successful churches and those that are struggling. To find out why lets turn to a seventies Sci-Fi movie. Read More


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